Scott Elementary infuses academics and fine arts for all kindergarten through fifth grade students. Within the curriculum and specials rotations, Scott Elementary has teamed up with the neighboring Thomasville Center for the Arts to balance academics and the arts. The Thomasville Center for the Arts provides students with a dance, voice, music, art, band, strings, and theater education.
In a safe, nurturing environment, the arts enable students to express their feelings, communicate thoughts, explore their creativity, solve problems, communicate ideas, develop a sense of community, and appreciate themselves as participants in history, tradition, and culture. Learning in art, dance, drama, and music advances and strengthens motor skills. Self-discipline, perception, and sensitivity promote considerate behavior and the ability to work well with others.
In Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, students are taught beginning and detailed knowledge in all art areas, including visual arts, drama, dance, and music/chorus. Students study two art areas each semester. Students attend two art classes each week. During their 3rd grade year, formal teacher assessment and parent communication help students select the best fit for their two arts areas to be studied in 4th grade.
The 4th and 5th Grade Arts Program teaches students a more comprehensive and advanced art curriculum by placing students in the area of art that was determined as their best fit during their assessment period in 3rd grade. All students will be evaluated periodically for class placement. Students will attend each art class two days a week with a total of four days of art.